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My Creative ZEN Vision M is .. well. Dead.. complains about something like "hard disk error".. It is just over a year old, and has no warranty. I want another MP3 player (pref 20+ gigs, I have 30+g of music, and hate having to decide). So, if anyone has some reccomendations, that'd be lovely. My desktop computer is a PC that runs windows 2000. the ZEN doesn't "work" with it, and I believe iPods don't either. I think MediaMonkey can work with either.

I was bored at work today (I gotta stop doing that). I registered for the MS Pennsylvania Dutch bike tour (in addition to the City to Shore ride, my 4th year). I'm not sure what tempted me to register for that one, too, other than I've heard its a really nice ride. I'll need some donations to help me through them, the minimum for the Penn Dutch, and I'll try for 1000 again for the City to Shore (if I can pull it off, I failed last year).
Donate for my Pennsylvania Dutch MS Tour
Pledge for the MS City to Shore bike tour

I'm trying to learn Organic Chemistry, since I did so poorly in it. I really get annoyed that I didn't get it. So, I've decided to try to look it over. So far, I think I'm beginning to understand some of the basic concepts that eluded me before. We'll see how that turns out.

I'm going camping this weekend in Bear Mountain, NY. The weather will be a high of 37 tomorrow, 27 on Sunday.. Woo-hoo!
Well, I should get to bed.. Gotta meet

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