-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

chasing turkeys

Ok.. Readded all of the photos (I think) to my photo album and upgraded it to the latest version and added a few of the themes. I know it's not terribly interesting.

I also have a strange desire to have a turkey day buffet. So, I'm leaning towards Empire Buffet in S Philly, where the old country buffet used to be. I don't know why the idea appeals to me, but it does today.

I also really feel like I need more time, so this 4 day weekend will be great. House needs to get cleaned up a bit, I really want to sleep in with nothing much to do. The next few weekends will be once again busy, so the relaxation is important. Sleep before 1am would be good, but this is about the time my biological clock says I should go to bed (nomatter when I wake up in the morning). Yay for sleeping in!

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