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Okay. It's been 2 days without internet. Now I'm on a train to London Euston. This will take 2 hours, and I think I'm sitting in first class =P We shall see.

The stay in Wales was definitely fun, but spending a full day (especially a sunny one) stuck in trains is less than fun. Sure, looking out the windows is great, but I think I'd rather be walking on Snowdon. I figure there's more time for that.

Every time I travel, I just want to travel more. When in a foreign country, I keep wondering what I miss in my own. I know that the US is really huge, and has basically every climate somewhere, so traveling outside of it isn't necessary, but it's still fun.

Being in another English speaking country is kind of weird. The accents are a bit difficult to get used to, and I really need to pay attention to hear what people are saying. Since we're not really "foreign", the language barrier is just different. In Germany, people will speak more slowly and clearly, but not here (in either direction). I just find it somewhat noteworthy.

I really like looking out the window into the autumn hillsides. The turning trees are really pretty. The sheep dot the landscape between rows of trees and bushes. Houses don't look terribly different than those in the US. A little smaller overall, but the styles are mostly the same. The roofs are different in that they tend to use more roofing tiles rather than the sheets of tar and sand that we use.

It is still odd to see the cars on the wrong side (and trains). I'm not sure how drivers can tell which side to be on in multiple lane roads, since there seems to be no visible difference between directions (where we have yellow lines). I just look back and forth a few times before crossing roads.

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