-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

A few days in Manchester

Manchester was fun. We wandered around the MOSI and saw a Dr. Who exhibit, including some of the creatures and costumes from the last few seasons. It was funny. Parents were taking photos of their children and I was taking photos of Aaron in front of some of the exhibits (like the Face of Bo). We also saw some of the parts of Roman Manchester. Tuesday, we took a ride on the Wheel of Manchester - this one was faster than the one in London (which took a full 30 minutes for one rotation). We got a few revolutions, then went back to walking.

I got a hamburger and chips. Later, we went to this nice bar, Rain. They didn't have any fish and chips (bastards!), but they had a really tasty chicken curry (they seem popular in the UK). Aaron got a pasta dish, but they were out of cheese apparently. Wanted desert, but they stopped serving food before I ordered it, so we had none. Back to the hotel, slept, woke, packed, and had a full English breakfast (and then some). Took the train to Betwys-y-Coed (in Wales).

It is really pretty here. We're staying in a B&B, Garath Dderwen. A woman and her husband run it. It's funny, she doesn't speak Welsh (he does and really doesn't get out (and try new stuff) much. They had a day off the day before, and went to a show in London. I don't think she's tried black pudding. Learned that Mawr means "big". Pont is a bridge, ty a house, Coed is 'woods'. The first day, we got to the B&B, had some tea and cakes, then went off to find our way to a lake. We picked the wrong trail, and it got dark early (it's getting dark by 5pm, now - but time change was on Sunday). So, we went out for dinner and had some Traditional Welsh food (at the Bistro Betwys y Coed). Aaron got some veggies with local cheese. I got venison with black pudding (Was scared to try it, but was tasty regardless). Then we got a brownie/bread pudding thing with custard.

This (Thursday) morning, we woke up and took a 6ish mile walk to some Neolithic ruins - a burial chamber. Their age varies depending on what you read - one book said 5000 years, the sign next to them says from bet 2500-1900 BC, and a tourist maps says from 1500 BC. I'm very excited to do these walks. Today's path included very old steps next to an inn, and wandered through people's sheep pastures (and sheep - that ran away when we got close), muddy patches, some tarmac streets and foresty areas. Plus we walked by a pretty stream in/near Fairy Glen.

After the walk, we grabbed some food at a local shop. I got a Belgian waffle with bacon (ham) and maple syrup. Aaron got rarebit (which is toast with mustard and cheese as far as I can tell). My feet are killing me as my shoes are a tiny bit too small, and have mediocre insoles. After lunch (started at 3:30pm), we took a Sherpa bus to another small town just for the scenery, then rode back 2 minutes later. It was getting dark on our way back. Now, we're back at the B&B, resting our legs.

Okay, at at the Stables. There was a Jazz band playing. I had some lamb with veggies and potatoes. Aaron had a pasta dish (he was in the mood for pasta). Then strawberries and whipped cream (unsweetened) for dessert. After we ate, they sold raffle tickets for a Hospice charity in the area. So, we bought 3 tickets. I won a bottle of white wine.

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