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London, the good the bad and the ugly

Well, we've been in London since Friday morning. Our hotel is in Earl's Court. Adequate, but seems kinda cramped and the bed is pretty hard. Not the end of the world. It's clean. No free internet, though.

In the 3 days we've been here (fri, sat, sun) we've done a lot of walking, and taking the train. We wandered through the Science Museum and the Natural History museum on Friday. They are free, and full of children. It was fun, but we started off somewhat late. We came home. Friday I had a doner kabob sandwich (that really didn't fold well). We ate at the hotel Friday night and Saturday morning.

Saturday we took the tube to Camden Town. Went to a shop called Elizium that was found in the Camden Town Mall. It's basically an open-air set of stalls selling stuff. This stall was on the outside of the northern street. I had been to Darkside earlier, and they didn't have any larger clothes, but Elizium did. The woman working there was very friendly. After shopping, we came back in hopes of taking a nap then going out to the TG. I did manage a nap, and we spent 20something pounds on cab fare (since they are doing scheduled rail work on some of the major underground tracks). Waited in line, and were rejected because Aaron's pants (BDU's) weren't acceptable. So, my impression on the London "Scene" has basically shown me that this stupid event is simply a fashion show rather than a community. I'm sorry I wasted the money and desire to go. So, after pouting and catching a cab home, we couldn't find anything else to do at 3am, so we went to bed (rather than drink). At this point, I think we would have left London had we not booked the room for the 3rd night. I've definately never been to a place that would reject a guy for not acting like a fashion model. And I've been to clubs around the US and Germany.

Sunday was nice. We wandered through the old parts of London, and saw the remians of the wall from the Roman Empire. We went through the London Museum a bit, and tried to find the makers (21, many destroyed or removed) on the path from the old Londinium. After wandering around, we took a cab to the London Eye (thanks again to the rail work). The trip was nice. I can't believe it takes a full 30 minutes to do one revolution. We got a photo/keychain/magnet thing, and a few pictures of the city. I would have liked to do a boat or bus trip around London, but don't think it's worth staying here another day. So, tomorrow our plans are to go to Manchester, and eventually go to Wales and Scotland (if we can fit it in).

Thus far, London has a decent rail system, but that's about it. I can't really think of any particularly nice things, and probably won't return (except to catch the train back). Maybe I'm just getting too old to deal with juvenile stuff like 'dress codes, and don't really have a general interest to go drinking.

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