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I did the MS ride. I didn't get the 1000 I was trying for, but I really didn't try as hard as I should have. Ppl can still donate: http://www.shyrie.com/ms . The ride had it's ups and downs, this year. An up point, I had a new bike (the Cannondale CAAD8 road bike vs the Trek 7500 hybrid). Rathern than getting to Ocean City at 2:30 and back to Woodcrest at 3pm+, I got to both places just shy of 1:30pm. I started on Saturday at 7:15 and I got Sunday going about 7:35. So.. I did _better_ oin the way back than the way out. Crazy. I even chased some draft lines for the first time!! It was fun! I was riding with them at like 19-22mph. Pretty decent. Still seeemed to have only gotten about 15mph, so somewhat disappointing. I got it done. Thems the "good" parts.

The bad parts:
1) I arrived a little bit late, and had to register (since I don't think my fax wient through, so I had to do rider check in there), so missed leaving with some of our team
2) As I was trying to pump up my tubes up before leaving, the pump didn't seem right, and I ended up tearing a hole in my tube pulling the pump off. So, I needed a new one. I left after the rest of my team left.
3) *both* of my water bottles got stolen off of my bike at the first rest stop. Most of the drinks available were either ones with fake sugars or with raspberries, both that I try to avoid. So, I hadn't drank any water before the first stop, drank nothing at the stop, and then had nothing to drink till the 2nd stop. Not the end of the world, but I started obsessivly looking at every bike's bottles to see if they were mine. It was really distressing. I finally got to the lunch (2nd) stop, and started crying. It was insane. I felt somewhat afraid to leave my bike anywhere, and how horrible it was that someone would steal all of someone's waterbottles, when drinks are free, and bottles are easily available (we got a free one at the Ocean City point, so I guess mine was replaced). I think it was the feeling that I couldn't trust anyone,and how was I going to be able to leave my bike unlocked.. The crying really threw me, though. I think it was because, at that point, I was obsessing at staring at every bike I saw (8,000+ riders this year). After I thought about the idea that I woouldn't want my waterbottle back (after it's been in some stranger's mouth), I felt better about it. Also, getting into a draft line and chasing to find it after a red light kept my mind pretty occupied. It still really throws me for a loop.. 1) why would you steal a water bottle (especially when there's such an excess of drinks and bottles available) and 2) why would you steal *two* (all) of the water bottles from one person. That left me with nothing for a long ride, instead of at least leaving me one so I'd have something.
4) American Heritage (one of our main sponsors) had vans with them so I dropped off my luggage with them. I had left my cell phone number with someone when I picked up the Jersey, but apparnatly the woman that wanted the numbers didn't get it (the woman that took it down couldnt find the "right" sheet, so she wrote it elsewhere). When I got to Ocean City (at about 1:20), I couldn't find anyone from AH to get my stuff. I didn't have any of their numbers (stupid), and they (apparantly) didn't have mine. It wasn't until 2 hours later that I got it. I was near panic, since it had all of my camping gear, money and ID. I didn't know what I was going to do about sleeping that night. I got it and had no problems, but the 2 hour wait was excrutiating.
5) I forgot to put on sunscreen before I dropped my bag off. I didn't put any one during any rest stops (where it's usually available). I didn't put any on (or look to find it) in Ocean City. I forgot my baseball cap (not that I had my luggage). I got sunburnt. I look like a friggin racoon (from my glasses). I've got a huge farmer's burn, on my forearms, and my upper thighs. I'm usually pretty cranky when I'm sunburnt.
6) I didn't meet up with the family at the campground, since I arriveed kinda late, and I think they headed for dinner by the time I finished putting up my tent. I went to be really early, and didn't wander (enough) to find them. I saw him at the first rest stop and at the finish line, so that was nice. I feel bad I can't remember his name. He and his family remember mine. =(

After the ride, I decided to take the R5 train home, since SEPTA is (of course) running the El Shuttle (again) this weekend, and that just sucks for bikes. So, I went to Market East to find a mad crazy line. Waited in it for ove 20 minutes, got somewhat close to the front, and heard an announcement for my train's arrival, so I had to pay extra money to that fucked up company because they're ineffective. That just added to my overall pissyness.

And, if my pictars ever get up.. I left at like 7:15 and 7:30.. I finished both at like 1:20-30. I think a sunday pictar was at like 7:50 (from a "start" point). I thinks i had an 11:35ish pictar from the corner thingie.. Pictars take a while, though.

Now, I want ice creams.

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