-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

motorcycles and portland

I had a headache today.. combined with some nausea and feeling hot. I get that way sometimes from the sun, I think.. Not sure if that was the reason. Feel generally better now, but still have a slight headache.

Got my Class M (motorcycle) permit today, and even got lucky and could schedule the training program. It really was luck, since today the registration opened for a 2-saturdays (all day) lessons.. Starts at 10am (not the end of the world, but will probably take close to 2 hours for me to get there). Maybe more.. I'd imagine SEPTA will be on their exciting no El service on the weekends.. Not sure if the R5 will be a reasonable route, and even that train would leave at 8:15 am.. I'd think that's my best bet, but man, it sucks.. I guess the R5 from Bryn Mawr to the North Broad stop.. no not enough time.. R5 to Market East.. then bike from there.. Bleh. Will be nice if I get a folding bike in Portland. Dunno what will happen..

Regardless.. In a month, I should have my motorcycle liscense. I'll be in my fall semester classes (Antatomy and Physiology and Nutrition).. And work..

I can't wait for my vacation next week. I just feel like I'm going to be gone for a long time. 2 weekends in Washington, and then the next 2 Saturdays are going to be getting my liscense. I'm still not sure about getting a motorcycle, simply because the stupid complex that I live in doesn't allow motorcycles to park.. I'm halfway tempted to move because of the "rule".. I also know nothing about morocycles, so I woudln't even know what to buy. Something cheap, goes 70mph (at least), fuel efficient, and can carry a moderate load (or passenger).

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