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Carnegie Cave

maskm and I went caving today. (Well, along with 3 other guys from the PhillyGrotto group: Amos, Nate and a guy who's name I can't remember). It was pretty far out, in Shippensburg, PA (about 140 miles west of Philly). Somewhat close to Harrisburg. It was called Carnegie Cave, I believe. The "entrance" was down this super-narrow path (complete with an electrice wire boundary fence that was difficult to avoid at some points). Just a little shock (and it only seemed to be "on" on the way out (when we were wet and muddy).

So, at the opening of the cave, it appears to be a drain pipe that runs underneath a highway. Crawl about 200ft down the corrugated pipe, complete with a few inches of supermud. Eventually after you think your knees will never forgive you, you get to an entrance to the cave. The original entrance was actually to the left of the opening, but was closed off after something was built. The whole cave was muddy. Stepping in it.. almost wading in it, crawling through it, sliding down rocks covered in wet sticky mud. No avoiding it. Crawled through a few areas, had a small climb here and there. Realized why cavers wear helmets (because I must have hit my head against something 10000 times). Realized why cavers wear gloves. Realized why cavers wear knee pads. Realized why these guys wear coveralls over top of their clothes. Everything about me was caked in mud by the time we got out. I think I didn't like the mud. I kinda got so icked out at some point I almost cried. I didn't, but I did come close. I'm sure I'll try caving again, but not sure I can deal with something so muddy. Taking off my gloves and realizng my hands were still too icky to touch anything. Taking off my boots and realzing my socks and toesies were covered in mud. Just too much. But, maybe there's better caves ahead. Did I mention the mud?

Afterwards, we ate at a tavern place, and then went back to the McDonalds (where we met). I had the need to get a happy meal (becuase I'm insane). My "toy" was a Hello Kitty Diary. I figure that means my "caving diary". So.. I guess it begins..
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