-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

no rhythm

I have no rhythm. I know this. I can't dance. I was kicked out of 2 dance classes when I was younger as I was hopeless. I can't coordinate myself very well. Breathing while swimming took at least 2 months before I was somewhat comfortable. Akadas in Karate classes were always the hardest part of learning. I went to the gym today.

Class: Low Impact & Sculpt

Description: Train every muscle in every plane in multipleways. This intense total body workout is designed to improve muscularstrength and endurance utilizing weights, tubes, bars and balls. (AllLevels)

The class? 35+ minutes of choreography dance. The music was way too loud (and horrible). The instructor's voice was very high pitched, but I couldn't make out her words over the music. After the dance class, we did a few weights exercizes, basically curling with low weights until failure, then doing 2 more bazillion reps with dumbells. Followed by a short bout of abs. I hated the class. Being fat is one thing, but I know I have the cardio to deal with stuff. But I can't follow step routines. I know this. I don't chose classes with anything other than super-basic step routines. More than 4 different moves, and I'm lost. So, I almost cried in the class and walked out. Was thinking of how horrible the class was most of the time, but expecting the crappy aerobics (where people from the outside can see the stupid fat girl screwing up everything) and move onto something more useful. I should have just waited for the Pilates class that came after (But I was a little to beat to do it).

Regardless, I won't be attending that class ever again.

On another note. I'm now officially going to start fund-raising for the MS 150 City To Shore ride. My goal is to raise $1000 towards research and assistance to people with Multiple Sclerosis. If you've got a few dollars to spare, please donate:

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