-AntihopE- (antihope) wrote,

Two weeks

In two weeks, I will (if all goes well) have completed my first Triathlon.  I know it's a sprint, but still scary for me.  I've leanred how to swim (albeit, I'm not great at it).  Just scary to think that in two weeks from now, I'll be done, probably home.  (My swim start time will be at like 8am, and I figure I'll be done in about two hours).  So, 10am, I can get ready to go home.... By 1, I should definately be home, possibly showered and taking a nap.

I just want to do it so I don't end up being 90 years old, unable to really move myself well, wishing I had done it.  So, I figure, I have to do everything I'd want to do.  One day, even mountain climbing (but that's next year at the earliest).  Next week is skydiving.. Then, the world!  Maybe hanggliding or whatever someday.. That seems fun.  skydiving first.. I can swim, so scuba diving someday, too!  See, I'm getting all excited. =)

What else was there? Hmm..  I need a wetsuit.. Don't think I'll fit XL .. But, will have to go somewhere to try one on.  I had more I wanted to write, but I forget what that was......

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