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Triathlons and money hounding

I wonder when LJ will let me post this.. It seems to be taking hours. Maybe it's me.. I'll do this post via email attempt.

Well, my first Triathlon (The Philly Tri) is coming up. Scary. I'm a member of Team CHOP, and the Philly Tri does benefit the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's oncology (cancer) unit. Even though CHOP is #1, it is still a charity, and every dollar helps the children survive - right now over 75% of the children treated at CHOP for cancer survive. If you wanted to make a donation, there's a donation page on the CHOP's website:
Donate Now
Select “Cancer Center – Philadelphia Triathlon” from the drop-down menu in the “Type of Donation” section and make sure to include my name (Shyrie Edmonson) in the “I make this gift in honor of” section.

Since I'm already houding for some donations. I'm also accepting donations for the MS 150 ride in September. I know it's a bit early, but I do actually try to raise some money for that group. The money goes to helping local residents with Multiple Sclerosis. Here's the link to the Donate page for the MS society:
Shyrie's MS Society Page

I believe you can send checks to either of the organizations, possibly by printing a page, and mailing it off. If you want, I can take checks or cash in person (for either event) and I usually add the cash payments as online payments regularly (batched), and give the checks on the event day. I've raised over $1000 the last two years for the MS society, but this is my first year for the Philly Tri. I even learned how to swim to participate!
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