March 27th, 2012


out and in

Haven't posted in a while! Still live in the DC metro area. 2011 started and ended with a bang! Between my serious illness & hospitalization, 2+ grandmotherly deaths (mine, his, and his cousin's), and a car accident (his) the year was probably overall not so great. There were some highlights, I got the wilderness first responder certification, my RN (and CNA) in my new state. And his job has proven to be an excellent move for him (emotionally and career wise).

2011 is starting off pretty well. I start a new job in a few weeks. Scary as it's the first time I've worked in like 3 years (granted, I spent a lot of that time in school which was like a full-time job). Three 12-hour shift/week. Plenty of people do it. Scares and intrigues me. Plus rotating shifts (days and nights!). Will take some getting used to.

Right now, my biggest 'worry'? is my allergies.. I'm sniffly, sniffly, sniffly.
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