May 4th, 2011

sick, hospital, ng

week four frustration

So.. anyhow.. after the 3 update, I picked up a fever on Sunday and went back to Suburban Hospital. Had a CT scan. Found an infection on my pseudocyst and I've been transferred to the University of Maryland. NPO. The last thing I ate was a 1 inch square of Aaron's poptart in the ER.

Seen by a zillion docs today.. All the "Emergency Surgery" labels make me scared. They also did bloodtyping on me. I should get an MRI sooner or later (probably tomorrow), then the docs will figure out what the game plan will be. I believe one of the more popular options include me getting a sexy NG tube again and get tube fed into my jejunum for about 2 weeks to let my insides chill out a bit, then open surgery to drain the pseudocyst. So, a week recovery from that, and eventually I'll be able to taste food again. But, still, docs haven't really told me anything yet, and I am waiting on an MRI.
sick, hospital, ng

omg, the pain

Wow. woke up in some crazy pain. I was lying on my left side and it felt like there was a tube jammed inside of me. I don't know if the tube idea came from a dream, but, I was holding onto the siderails of the bed. Not sure if I was fully on my side or not, felt like I was holding myself in place. The gas bubble or whatever it was felt like it was originating on my left side near my mid-lower back nearish the spine in the muscle layer. At some point I called the nurse, said I was in pain. The charge nurse came in and gave me morphine. Not really sure if it helped, or if the gas pain itself had died down (as it can do on it's own). Eventually the pain travelled around a bit. I think finally it's gone. My stomach feels 'warm' again. Not sure what my protonix order is/was. I didn't get any last night, so maybe need to wait till 10am again.

After he gave me the morphine, I had a 'warm' sensation that felt like a sheet of discomfort/hot right below the muscle layer in my abdomen. I also became kinda nauseous and thought I was just going to puke from the pain on my bed. Luckily, that passed without incident. But for like 10 minutes, I was still tearing from the pain, or the new sensations of discomfort I was feeling. I am still getting much less horrible intermittent gassy pain, towards the front not back now. But, seriously that may have taken the cake for worst gassy pains I've felt thus far.
sick, hospital, ng

waiting for MRI maybe endoscopic stuff tomorrow

Still no MRI/MRCP thing done. Plan is to try endoscopically make a larger hole between my stomach and pseudocyst, and even stick a 10mm metal stent in to keep it open. I've been tired tired.. Doctor told me that I had an albumin of 4 (normal is over 20). Albumin is a good chunk of the protein in the liquid part of blood (not the cells). It helps a bit with fluid regulation and other things. It is also an indicator of nutrition in the last few months. I know my appetite has been pretty small, but I've been trying the Weight Watchers Points Plus program for a while, and using all of my points on it (until the last week when I knew I couldn't really eat). So, now I'm just not sure the WWPP plan is right for me. I'm basically wasting away (not a good thing). Sure, I am still overweight and have fat, but I've become weaker, and probably lost muscle mass. Whatever happens will happen. I think they're going to take me down for the MRI in a little while, the nurse just got off the phone with them.