April 29th, 2011

sick, hospital, ng

3-week setback?

So, well before January, I started feeling like I get acid reflux. In the hospital in January, I was in a lot of pain that felt like my stomach was burning itself, so I started eating Maalox and zantac there (after getting a CT scan). On Friday, I was 2.5 weeks post-surgery. felt awesome. Had my doc's appointment.. I swear, I felt perfect, just had to wait a few more weeks before I could lift heavy stuff (I met a girl on Sat night that mentioned having her gall bladder removed, then being back in the hospital 2 weeks later from bleeding!).

Anyhow.. I was pretty busy. Thursday, I came to Philly (4ish hour bus). Had dinner with some friends in West Philly (ate a milkshake and half of a bunless burger). Friday, I had my doc's appointment, then had lunch with my brother (had some nachos and a small part of a spicy burrito), then played with his kids at the Franklin Institute.. Came home, took a nap, then a friend of mine picked me up and I had Mild/medium indian food for dinner with him and his (7 mos pregnant!) wife... I stayed at his place overnight. Breakfast was ramen noodles with some indian seasonings. Still felt fine, just getting tired.

Saturday night, I met with systris. We went to Dracula's Ball. I was trying to have a good time, but I started feeling like indigestion. The vibrations from the music seem to just mess with my insides. I made the mistake of ordering a soda (I rarely drink soda). It just seemed to make the feelings worse, not calming. So, though the night, I battled the indigestion from the music vibrations, and then getting kinda grossed out by the smells of cigarette smoke (outside) and stage smoke (downstairs). I wasn't miserable, but surely uncomfortable.

Sunday, I still kinda felt out of it.. I came home (another 4 hour bus ride). Then had a fight or something with Aaron (very rare). Went to gaming night with the DC board gamers. Still felt a bit weird.

Monday and Tuesday, I slept for 12+ hours, and took naps during the day. I was getting more acidy/abdominal pain. I swore I'd call the doctor on Wednesday, but another day of pain and lethargy, instead. Thursday, I finally got the nerve to call the surgeon (talked to someone other than his usual receptionist), and then saw my new doctor. She prescribed for me Protonix (a PPI inhibitor) assuming it is GERD. The pills seem to help a little bit, but I still feel pretty acidic. Eating tums throughout the day. Have no appetite, but I'm eating small meals regardless. Usually just makes my tummy more upset. My lower/mid back is getting sore, too. I don't know if it is from the lethargy, or referred pain from whatever is going on. Hopefully on/by Monday it will either be better or I'll have spoken to the surgeon or my GP again. My symptoms are including "acidy" pain in my stomach area, occasional burping through the day (I rarely burp, and usually only after drinking carbonated beverages), and intestinal unhappiness. Stools were soft, but mostly formed yesterday. Think absent today, but I've barely been eating but cans of soup.