April 13th, 2011

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one week (again?)

Backdated some more entries about my adventures with pancreatitis and gallstones. http://antihope.livejournal.com . Oh what fun.
I forget if I updated today. I don't think I've eaten enough. Weight watchers says I have. My stomach is growling and feels empty. I think too many points went into the leftover curries I ate (lunch/dinner). Regardless, WW says I broke even.

The pain I get today is when I yawn. I'm so frustrated by it. I spent so long before having pain each time I took a deep breath/yawned. And here it comes again. I do fine/am improving when I use the incentive spirometer, but it sucks to start to inhale for a yawn and have my abdomen stop/restart it multiple times. I think it sounds pretty bad, almost like I'm in real pain. Hate to worry Aaron and I hate doing it.

I managed to do #2 a few times today. All seemed pretty normal. I figure the opioids were keeping me a bit constipated. My one suture area still doesn't look right. I didn't remove the steristrip today. I will try tomorrow.

My stomach is just being weird. I ate part of my dinner, then took a break because my stomach felt fullish. I ate the rest of it a while later. The fullness was discomfort. I don't think i ate _that_ much. Now, my stomach feels like it's growling for food. I think I'll take a zantac and maybe eat a tums, just in case it is just acidic from the curries. I stayed awake all day, but still pretty low energy. The tummy discomfort (full/empty) has lasted all day.
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day 8

I took off one of the steristrips because I didn't like what it looked like underneath. It doesn't acutally seem so bad. Kinda gross, I guess. I'm going to let it dry off (I sprayed some bactine on it).. Then spray a little more bactine. I think I'll stick some 3x antibiotic ointment on it and a bandage for a day or two. I get a little freaked out when I look at it, and realize that the tiny little wound I see is actually really deep, and went all the way through my skin, fat and muscle layers, into my abdominal cavitiy. So much depth for such a tiny little hole.. But, it doesn't seem that icky. Just a little icky.

Peeling off the steristrip wasn't that bad. I'm a huge wuss. I was in the (hot) shower.. used my fingernail to start lifting it off of the edges, finally leaving the plastic stuff "attached" to the crap in the middle. I knew that was fine since it looked moist in there anyhow, so wasn't likely to be sticky. Came off with relatively no pain. I think a tiny hair got a little miffed. None of the 5 steristrips looked as though they were going to come off on their own today (I'll wait until they are ready).

The wound is kinda pinkish around the outside, there's the slit, and the flesh looks to be an appropriate color. Heck, on hindsight, that yellowish gunk I see in the middle could possibly be a tiny bit of fat poking through. Doesn't quite look like fat poking through (but, I really have no experience with it). It could just be waterlogged flesh that wants some air dry time.. My bandaid attempt was a moderate failure (the clear plastic one didn't wanna stick).. I applied some paper tape over top of it. It was a bandaid with a tiny layer of triple antibiotic ointment. I'll pop it off in a day or two. and maybe just put on dry bandaids.

Otherwise, my GI system seems to be okay thus far. Not great. I had coffee and a fried (mmm) egg. To my dismay, a Fried egg is the same amount of points on WW as a raw or soft-boiled one. I guess not dismay, it means it doesn't really matter how I make the egg. It is 2 points (large egg). Fried egg on toast or a dippy soft boiled egg with soldiers, all the same. My stomach just doesn't feel "happy". Nomatter how much or what I eat, it doesn't seem to be content. I guess it is still recovering from having a hole poked into it with some sutures. If I look at the wee scars on the outside, I have to keep in mind that my pancreatic pseudocyst and my stomach are both experiencing similar situations. Plus, the place where my gall bladder once was. My liver is probably a bit lonely. It still feels a little "off" to sleep on my right side. Not much.. Just a little.
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cooking in the springtime

Mmm.. Cooking some chicken legs & thighs breaded in the oven.. and Hungairan Goulash.. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Hungarian-Goulash-II/Detail.aspx

Should be tasty.. That dish has some good reviews. I was hoping to make a pot roast with cabbage.. Alas, I'll have to find something else to make with the head of cabbage. Hmm, there's a recipe. I'm gunna butcher it. =)

Looking outside, the dead winter trees in the horizon now have green leaves. While they are pretty, I'm sad because the leaves will block my sunsets. Though, it still looks amazing with the layers of clouds out there. Like a blue white and grey striped sky, above the springy green tree leaves (not such big leaves as to hide their structure). After that, I can't wait for the awesome autumn hues. =)