April 12th, 2011

sick, hospital, ng

a week post-surgery TMI at the bottom

Yesterday was a day of sleep. Today isn't the most wakeful of days. I woke up at 9ish, then went back to sleep till like 12:30 after going to bed before midnight. Didn't get motivated enough to go downstairs for coffee. But, I think my pot just finished. Mmm.. Need more milk.

For recovery. No real pain. I figure my sleepiness is mild opiate withdrawal. I seem to get more volume using the incentive spirometer. My one little scar area doesn't seem right, yet. It has been a week, so I will take off the steristrip and wash it and keep it clean and dry. I'll wait for Aaron to come home so he can spray it with bactine, etc.

I'm hungrier today than yesterday. Yesterday, I barely ate. I went to the kitchn this morning and was famished! I had a few fig newtons and some nilla wafers and a bowl of cereal. Then for "lunch" I had the leftover leftover indian food (I had some leftovers last night). So, three meals out of one delivery meal. Not bad. Can't wait to get into my thai food leftovers.. On the other end of the food situation.. TMI..

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