April 9th, 2011



Been a superlong time since I updated.. I mean. Seriously, since my wedding. I really think I wanna go back to updating LJ.

General life synopsis: (9/2010-4/2011)
Sept 4th - graduated Drexel's ACE program
September 11th, Married maskm
~Sept 20th, earned RN (passed NCLEX)
End of Sept, did the MS 150 City to Shore bike tour (pooped out day 2 ~mile 50, came home realized I probly had a flat since starting Day 2).
Oct - Aaron had job interviews, travelled with him to some.
Nov/Dec - Aaron had offer letters, decided to move to North Bethesda, MD
Early Jan - my last grandmother (Step-father's mother) passed away
Jan 18/19, 2011 - moved to North Bethesda from Bryn Mawr
Jan 20 - after 13 hours of pain and vomitting, went to ER. Spent 10 days in hospitals with Severe Acute (Necrotic) Pancreatitis
Jan 30th - my grandmother's funeral
Early Feb - Aaron's grandmother (paternal) passed away =*(
Feb 17 - went to ER with chest pain (probably atelectasis, but CT showed large pancreatic pseudocyst)
Feb 18-April - occasional (1-3x/week) pain/nausea probably from pseudocyst
April 5th - Had gall bladder removed, pseudocyst drained into stomach. Laproscopic/Endocsopic surgery with a robot! Spent 3 days in hospital for recovery
Today - just came home (spent a night at my aunt's).
I think I'll to go back and get more descriptive about the pancreatitis, and maybe relfect on what "nursing" stuff I learned from the experiences. Since it was my first time in hospitals as a patient.