February 17th, 2011


quick trip to the ER

I was finally getting myself out of the house a little bit, taking short walks outside in our 'park'. It is a really beautiful area, the walk goes by a stream. If I were to venture further, there's longer bike trails and stuff less than a mile from home. So, I started taking small walks. My breathing was still shallow. Still hurt to yawn, hiccup, burp, or take a deep breath.

Just before going to bed on the 16th, I got a sharp pain in my chest. Right side, middle, right next to my sternum. It hurt a good amount. Made breathing even more of a challenge. It felt like I had lodged a golf ball into my lungs. I went to bed on the 16th, but even all day on the 17th, it hurt. Didn't seem to improve. So, after posting on Facebook and looking online, I decided that "chest pain = er". So, when Aaron got home, I told him we should go, not a huge emergency, but eat something beforehand.

I only recognized one person from my last ER visit. Aaron recognized many. The only person was the nice guy that helped me sign in last time. Granted, I could do it a lot more easily this time.

This trip involved me just having a chest CT done. I figured I had a blood clot, since it felt like something was lodged in there. Happily, there wasn't. To my dismay, the CT found nothing wrong with the breathing bits. There were still the signs of atelectasis and pleural effusions. I really wasn't near my normal healthy self. Sadly, the CT found that I had developed a pancratic pseudocyst where I had the severe acute necrotizing pancreatitis before. It measured something like 11x7x8cm or something. I was released from the ER, and made a follow up appointment with a GI doctor. I read about them (not enough) and they seemed really scary. I think I cried that night.

In the coming weeks, I started experiencing the intermittent belly/back pain. Wasn't sure what caused it, but likely the pseudocyst.