January 1st, 2011

sick, hospital, ng

You think I'd get the point

New Year's Eve was fun. Had some friends over (5 or 6). Shared a terrible bottle of champagne with them (I drank, but not THAT much). Had various crappy foodstuffs around. Wasn't paying attention to what I was eating, so no correlation for me.

New Year's Day, I spent throwing up. Hours of it. I don't recall any pain. Just puking all day. I remember feeling fine otherwise. But, spent all the waking day throwing up. Did I consider it to be odd? No. Must have been food poisoning (felt fine, right). After all the food was gone, I went to dry heaves (don't think food poisoning causes that). Can I correlate it with anything pancreatic/gallbladder related, no. But, it happened. In hindsight, it may have been related. Did I seek medical attention? No, of course not. I'm retarded. Wouldn't want to waste a doctor visit with just some puking. Oh, I also figured it could have been the stomach flu that was passed around Aaron's family a WEEK earlier (long incubation time, I guess)

This day of puking is probably one of the things that made the next one so long and grueling.