July 18th, 2010


the bible - Levictus.

So, I read about all the stuff about "The bible is opposed to gays".. Blah blah blah.. They quote levictus.. I only seem to hear about 2 Lev quotes. About a man lying with another man. I guess they haven't read any of the other important bits..

So, what else does Levictus say?
18 you can't see any family members naked (that's fine)
19-9 You cannot reap all of your harvests, but leave some for the poor and the stranger (farmers will have to remove the 'no tresspassing signs, i guess")
19-19 you cannot wear mixed linen and wool garments, you can't sow a field with mixed seed
19-23 you can't eat the fruit of a tree for at least 4 years. The first 3 it is uncircumcized, the 4th it is holy.. you can eat 5+ fruit
19-26 no eating of blood (no juicy steaks, no black pudding)
19-27 you can't shave your face nor trim your beard
19-28 no cuttings for the dead, no tattoos.
19-33 If a stranger dwells with you in your land, you shall not mistreat him

20-2 something about a Molech.. no clue what it is, but you can be put to death for it
Actually, lots of death there.. Any adultry. Lots of sleeping around.. Gets you stoned to death or put to death by fire.

Lev 22 involves lots of clean/unclean things. And holy foods. And sacrifices. I wonder how many christians make animal offerings.
Lev 23 is about Passover. Christians don't celebrate it. And something about a Feast of Weeks shortly after requires the sacrifice of 7 lambs, one young bull, two rams.... then a kid goat, two male lambs.. man, a wholle farm.. I wonder who still does that?