August 30th, 2009



Laundry Day! I think it should almost be dry! Who knows. I'm getting SLEEPY. I should have done laundry earlier.

This week dieting went well. No bad days all week! I probably lost a few pounds. Sure, next Friday, I'll probably make up for missed time, it'll be worth it. I'm just thinking of Indian food for lunch, drinks after the final final.. And, continuing to drink for the duration of the evening - or perhaps two weeks! Sure, I probably won't drink nearly as much as I plan, planning sure is fun.

Farm Town gets on my nerves. Perhaps it's Firefox. Not sure. For most of yesterday, if I started the game, my farm was nothing but green, and nothing (including me) moved. So, today it "works", but all of my potatoes were dead. I also don't like the way it constantly centers around my character. And other annoying glitches. I'll give it a few more days.

Finals start on Tuesday. Tomorrow I get to sleep in, then have two classes (one being a review). We're having 7 exams for 4 classes during finals week. It's insane! But, Friday, it'll be all (half) over!