July 22nd, 2009


From Twitter 07-21-2009

  • 11:33:11: AntihopE: Blogging "day in day out" http://antihope.livejournal.com/454914.html
  • 15:32:05: AntihopE: getting annoyed at the craptastic internets here.
  • 21:02:56: AntihopE: *refresh*refresh*
  • 21:18:03: AntihopE: ordered chinese 30 minutes ago. WHERE IS IT????? Woah, and the phone just rang!!!
  • 22:13:32: AntihopE: Women's Health grades are up!
  • 23:21:10: AntihopE: If interested: the new F&E handout has information about the 8 hypo/hyper/TONIC solutions listed. If you know your D5W stuff, don't bother.

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