June 18th, 2009


school is near!

Now I'm getting sad. Tomorrow is Friday. Then, the weekend. Then Monday, it's back to the school grind. My week off went by pretty quickly. The next quarter will be difficult. Lots to LEARN. Four challenging courses, two of which will be continued into the 3rd quarter. I'm sure it can be done, as many people have done it before. I realize there will be more losses.

Our class started with 76 students. We had about 9 students repeating one or more classes from before. This 2nd quarter, there are 68 original students. It looks like we lost 10%. There are 78 students in Women's Health, none of which are new only to that and not the others. There are 6 students that stayed from last quarter, and it appears 4 that are joining us for those three courses. Why do I care? I don't know. I see that Women's Health had no solo repeats, so it is probably the "easiest" course, there are 3 additional in Adult 1 and 2 in Mental Health. And, of course, my lists could be all wrong.

Our clinicals next quarter are in groups. My group is 6 students, all of whom I spent time with last quarter, so no strangers. I have Thursdays off, but clinicals on Saturdays. I really hope that next quarter I can have the Saturday off.