May 23rd, 2009



So, I started the 6-week body makeover on Thursday. It's been a whopping 2 days. I still feel quite hungry a lot of the time. Probably because I'm only eating like 1000 calories/day. But, I've lost over 10 lbs of water since the night before I began and had overloaded on Indian food and the tons of water required to help me survive the spices. My weight today is about where it was 2 weeks ago. I think I've been binging a bit on foods I don't normally eat to try to get them out of the house. I ate like half a BJ's size bag of chicken fingers and meatballs. But, I must be losing some 'real' weight too, if I'm only taking in 1000 calories.

The foods seem bearable. Though, it is hard to give up stuff like dairy, sugar, fats and salt. The salt is more of a nuisance, since it's difficult to buy canned goods that are added salt free. But, we'll see. I still think it's possible to do this. Just difficult. Today will be the Kill Grill. I plan on 'cheating' a little bit by not caring what sauces are on the meat that I eat. I'm also not measuring anything. But, I'll try to eyeball appropriate portions, and stick to more 'approved' foods.