April 9th, 2009


first day as a student nurse

It's 11pm! I gotta wake up at like 5am. Leave before 6 (the train leaves at 6:02am). Should arrive at the train station at like 7:20am. I could probably go faster, but I forgot to buy tickets for the Regional Rail. From the looks of it, I have 10 minutes to get off the El at 30th st, walk to 30th st Station and pick up tickets. I'm annoyed that I forgot to get them earlier.

My clinical instructor wants us to bring a few books, printouts and other things to our site tomorrow. Full uniform, etc. Rachel's clinical - "do NOT wear your uniform, wear comfortable clothes, no jeans" and "don't worry about anything, it will be a relaxing day". I figured mine was typical (except the care plans book since everyone on forums mentioned NEVER using them). So, in comparison, I just wanna pout!

Regardless, if I relax enough to notice it, tomorrow will be my first day in a hospital as a student nurse! These are exciting times!