March 29th, 2009


sunday lazy sunday

Time is flying by pretty quickly! It was once like 7 months before school started. I remember counting down the weeks! And now, here it is. Tomorrow at this time, I'll be in my 2nd class of the day. It has been over 6 years since I've taken more than 2 classes - and of those two classes, one of each was always a 'repeat' (I needed science classes that were under 5 years old for Drexel's requirements). This quarter, I have 6 classes. I start at 8am m-w. Thursday is nice, I start at 1pm!. Fridays, I'm not exactly sure. I have clinicals and labs, I think.. Clinicals start at 7am.

I spent the last few days installing crap on my laptop, which I want to use primarily for school. It has XP which works better for online crap like Blackboard. Plus, I can stick it on my other desk and keep school stuff over there. Rolly chairs are nice. I printed out tons of powerpoint presentations. Hopefully all the ones I need for class. The Blackboard page is not all that well organized. I have 6 classes, so I need to check all 6 classes for new/updated information. There is no one tab I can use for "assignments" or whatnot.

I forgot where I was getting with this.