February 28th, 2009


last few days

On Wednesday I figured I should look into buying or leasing a car. While talking to the dealer, I got a call from my dad's sister regarding my dad's failing memory. I didn't get a car. I went home and called my aunt to get more information.

Thursday, I decided I was going to Hawai'i (where my dad lives). I bought tickets at work. I got home and the internet doesn't work. I call the internet people and they said "someone would come out tomorrow".

Friday morning, still no internet. I got to work for my lastest day *SOB*. We went to Fago de Chao for lunch (about 25 people!). It was a lot of fun, and I cried. I went back to work to try to finish cleaning out my stuff. I hope I did enough. Much more crap can probably be thrown away - the drawers are empty, but the shelves above my desk were full. I went to Sci Fi Friday after cleaning up. Came home, and the internet is still down. I call up and talk to the answering service.

Saturday at 9am, they call me, nobody can come until Tuesday. I am pissed because I have a flight on Monday morning, and will want to print out my damn boarding pass. She mentions I should probably make 'other arrangements'. I go back to sleep, and am now surfing the web at the library (on my laptop).

Anyhow. I'm going to Hawaii (Big Island) for 2 weeks. I don't know what my internet connectivity will be. If someone needs me, I think SMS may be reliable (but i don't have unlimited SMS). I do get mail and stuff on my phone, but it is not too fun to deal with mail on it.