February 4th, 2009


Crazy Days

I actually went to the gym last night (for weight lifting) and tonight (for Yoga). Very strange indeed. The yoga is painful, as the class runs from 7:30-8:30, and it takes like an hour for me to get home (walking and train wait time included). The weight lifting routine I'm doing (6 exercises, 2 sets of up to 12 each) takes under an hour factoring in changing before and after. This was the 3rd time this year I've gone to the Yoga class, and my first mid-week weight lifting (I've been doing Sunday weights for a few months now). I'm not sure when I'm supposed to notice a difference. I'm looking forward to being in school, and being at the gym right after classes (if they're scheduled that way). Then getting home before 10pm!!!

Classes start in 2 months! Well, about 7.5 weeks, now. My goal today was to find my medical records. I have failed to even look for them! Without them, no classes, so I better get on it! That, and the first aid program are all I have left (plus the whole mailing it in thing). So, I must SEARCH, SEARCH, SEARCH. Maybe this weekend! Now, I want to SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP!