January 29th, 2009


the end is near

Been feeling borderline under the weather. (under turns to nuder if you type poorly). I have mild nausea and my throat feels funny off and on and my lips seemed chapped but chapstick didn't help, so I figured I needed a break from it. So, mostly 2 days without chapstick (I broke down a few times - like before bed).

Still overly excited about school. On Monday, I'll start school in 8 weeks, and even be able to say "next month" for when I start!!! (Sure, it's March 30th, but technically next month). I'll start training my replacement at work (not nearly enough time to pass on all of my knowledge!!!), and also meet a new post-doc that will be here for a year (from Spain). I really will miss the eclectic international groups that I work with. I wonder when it will kick in that my life will be upside down.

Saturday, I'm going to a "Falconry" class. I think it'll involve learning about the birds, and then watching a bird actually hunt for some tasty wildlife. I wonder what their options will be at the end of January. Wow.. I can't believe January is like.. over. That leaves only February for winter winter, since March starts to warm up. I want SNOW SNOW. The little fake attempts at snow are so disheartening. Wake up to snow, leave work to slippery slush. Even today, I slipped and fell. I've been lucky and never hurt myself that way, but you never know when luck may run out.


When I start school, I can get trans passes for a 10% discount. I hafta buy them 2 months in advance. I don't think I can even buy one now (since I'm not technically enrolled). After calculating how much it would cost...

I'd need to take the trains in 16 times/month to make the transpass viable. 18 times to make a zone 1 trailpass viable (i could use the regional rail in the city). Or, if I feel like taking regional rail daily ($10-12/day), i'd only need to ride 12 days, or 26 days using my current method (2 tokens, 2 transfers, 1 zone fare).

I like bike commuting. I've sucked at it for the last year or so. I don't know if I'll have time to do it in school (studying should take priority, and can be done on trains, not bikes). I don't know how many days I'll have to go to school (some semesters are 2 days of classes, 3 days of clinicals - which can be anywhere). The first semester is different, and I'm not sure how it'll work.

I just don't think that transpasses are financially viable, since they'd assume I take the train in 4 days/week. When I have clinicals, I probably won't get to most of them via public transportation. Why is SEPTA so crappy? Why are their passes just not a savings (at the 10% discount - for regular prices add 2+ days of travel).

Yes, i had to sort it all out in Excel.