January 28th, 2009


getting ready and readier

I think I'm pretty well organized for nursy school. I ordered uniforms. I am in the process of TB tests. I filled out the stuff for background checks. I filled out my 'registration form'. I need to finish the TB tests (read tomorrow, retest monday, reread wednesday), and have those forms filled out.

I need to do the urinalysis. (anyone know if either drinking tea with some catnip or sitting near someone on a train that stank heavily of pot, and had a burnt joint hanging off of his ear could cause false positives?) I'm only ultra-paranoid, as once before, I failed a urinalysis for pot (but, that time I had been hanging out with friends that were smoking indoors in my presence). I know they're more 'sensitive', but I just want to ease my paranoia.

After that, it's just gathering info, to mail in (and then mail it in). Wait for the call about uniforms being ready and pick them up. Oh, break in my nursing shoes. Maybe I'll drag them to work.

Just over a month left of work. So much to do, I hardly have a chance to fret about it. I'll miss so many people, but before I can miss them, I have to train my new replacement(s)!!! There's seriously not enough time in the world for this stuff.

I want to go out and do more stuff like skiing and hiking and eating bonbons!!!

pretty snowyness

Outside it's so pretty!! Covered in snow! I'm so sad that it will get warm today, and turn it all into slippy slush. I want feet and feet of soft snow!!!