January 19th, 2009


Happy MLK Day!

I'm trying to be a bit productive. Today, I went to the bike shop to get a minor (major?) repair. I think the part in the front of the bike between the handlebars and wheel broke and was all rusty. It was damaged a few years ago, and recently, the bike has been riding poorly. So, that's fixed. I figured a 2-3 mile ride on a nice snowy day would be good. It's so PRETTY outside!!!!

I had a goal of getting a digital point and shoot camera with a remote control doodad, but the two shops (both called The Camera Shop) said they didn't exist or didn't have them. So, I was sad. (Radio Shack didn't either, but I did get 2 tripods from there, tiny and not so tiny).

It is so nice to sit and look at the snow!!!