January 14th, 2009


Yoga and Drexel

Waah! BlogIt Ate my post! (well, clicking a stupid notification did, really)..

Anyhow. Had yoga class. My right leg is still bugging me a little bit, for a few weeks. Top of the calf/bottom of the thigh - behind the knee. It's not horrible, just keeps me aware of it.

Got a letter from Drexel. Has vaccination and clearance check information. No orientation date. SIGH!!!!! Alas, I can get this stuff done in the next month or so. I'm annoyed at needing to get TWO double PPDs.. (one before March 2nd, one before school lets out). I guess at $30/event it's not so bad.

I still gotta figure out the student health insurance crap. Would suck to be uninsured (well, I can't be). I guess I should find out a bit about the insurance stuff.