January 7th, 2009


work and tshirts!

I'm realizing that I've only got about 7.5 weeks of work left! I believe a new woman will be replacing me in early February. People have spoken highly of her, but I really don't know any details. I just keep thinking that there are only 7 weeks left, and I'll only have four weeks to organize myself and train her. There are 6 years of protocols running through my head. I still find it amazing that I've been there over 6 years. There is still stuff that needs to get done, and stuff that I will be doing until I leave. It'll just be weird leaving. I've known some of those people since I was hired! Many people have joined, and fewer have left (our lab keeps getting larger).

But, I think it's a good time in my life to move on.

Nursing school will be a crazy challenge. The 21-23 credit semesters scares the crap outta me. Knowing that I was never good at taking more than 3 or 4 classes at a time makes me nervous, since I'll be taking like 6! But, I also think that my study and learning skills have improved with age. The last few classes I've taken, I did well in (5 A's, 1 B). I've been studying the NCLEX study guide, and have recently moved on to Calculating With Confidence (where I learn about the Apothecary system of measuring - grains, drams). I'm hoping I don't get too "weird" for school. But, I've probably mellowed with age.

And, I got 2 T-shirts in the mail today!!

They're both a bit on the tight side. I guess more reasons to lose more weight! I really do miss wearing tight t-shirts (and not having them show off extra love handles).