December 13th, 2008


Myannmar and Strokes

Tonight, after work, I went to Ray's tea house (or something like that) on 9th st above race. Had a Kona coffee, and some ice cream. Then met up with some squids at Rangoon. I'd been there a few times and not terribly impressed with what I had gotten before. I think their food has improved. Saw Mattchew, Scina, Frank, Linder and Keith. After we ate, Charlie arrived. We stayed until they were extremely closed. Hung out till everyone was finally on their way home (via PT or otherwise). Then, I started the ride home.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm a hypochondriac. It was cold (above freezing, but still chilly). I haven't been riding my bike that often recently. Maybe once/week anymore. So, I rode in on Tuesday, and home today. Slowly. Very slowly. Eventually painfully. It was kinda cold, I was dressed ok, but started to get sniffly. I sniffed and sniffed, and cleared out the back of the throat sniffy stuff (ick), and then I had a 'pop'ping sensation/noise. And it seemed to disturb me somewhat to sniff anymore. My hearing isn't affected, but I dunno what I popped. So, I kept riding.. And riding. And I started to get a headache (same side as the weirdo ear). OMG.. I start to wonder if I had a stroke! I get tireder, and just stay paranoid about the stroke. I'm home now, headache mostly ok (probably sinus). No misaligned eye pupils, so I figure I haven't had a stroke.

I think it's time for bed.