December 10th, 2008



I'm feeling a bit productive today. Strange. The last few days, I have been cleaning. I organized my teas. I cleaned the kitchen counters and stove. I was hoping to get to the sink tonight, but I just can't do it. There's rust and some icky stuff that I'd rather have more time to eradicate. I have a lot of tea. Maybe I should have a tea party one day. Sure, it's mostly herbal, but I can always make coffee, too.

I think I'm getting antsy, 15.5 weeks till classes begin. Maybe part of the organizing is just getting ready for a new (and scary) time ahead. I figure if the house is clean to begin with, and I can find "homes" for everything, it'll be easier to keep clean. I'm such a horrid packrat. I blame genetics.

I also have a desire to turn all of my old cassettes and vinyl into mp3 format. Those thingies are expensive for something I'll only need for about 100 items or less, so I'm hoping to be able to borrow one. I guess $1 per isn't so bad, though. I wonder if they have an audio output that isn't USB (so I can hook the record player up to my stereo). I'm paranoid about record players, since I really don't wanna screw up the vinyl. The cassettes have probably been eaten zillions of times through the years.