December 5th, 2008


I've got it all!

Well, everything I've ordered recently. Today my George Foreman grill arrived. It is "Champ Size". So, a grill with enough room for two hamburgers or something. It's so high tech, the power button looks strangely like a plug! I wonder how long it will take to cook a frozen chicken breast. The directions say 9 minutes for a chicken breast, dunno if frozen. It's supposed to let fat drain (since the grill is slanted). I'm not sure how much would really drain. We'll see.

Got the music stand for my bike yesterday. It may even be sturdy enough to hold a laptop. Now, to see if it will actually get me _on_ my bike (which is the point). If I can get myself to cycle while reading/studying/watching tv/playing on lappytop, that'd be great. Otherwise, it's BOOORING. Sure, I can crochet (but it's kinda hard to wipe off sweat while holding yarn and a hook). Ahh, the joys of lazy!

In other news. 16.5 weeks till I start nursing school! Monday the South Street Bridge will be closed. It's been there FOREVER! In 2 years, the replacement will be up and ready. Shame they can't do it like Germany, and just build a second bridge right next to the first. I'll miss the bridge, and walking and looking down (on the pavement) and seeing the water flowing underneath because of the holes. I don't mind old, fragile things. I just hope the new bridge doesn't suck.