November 3rd, 2008



I haven't really figured out who I want to vote for president. McCain is off the list for a few reasons, mostly Palin. She was a really stupid decision, and I don't think stupid decisions are good for presidents, nor Palin. Obama is fine, but I've gotten so much junk from the Democrats (and all the ones that I noticed had some trash talk about McCain) that it turns my stomach to vote for the same crap.

I figure I'd either try Bob (L) or Ralph (G). Then, I get concerned that Pennsyltucky is one of those "undecided" states. Sure, it leans towards Obama, but it still could go either way.

I'm sick to death of the 2 party system. It's a failed system. We get our "choice" of two candidates. Both of the major parties are so full of corruption. Politics should have nothing to do with money. Hell, even the way laws are passed is disgusting. Tacking on a bunch of expensive pet bills to things that are important. Our country is seriously in debt. Neither major candidate is talking about how to tighten our belts. I don't think we can afford either as president.