October 20th, 2008


nothing in particular

The idea of President Palin scares me. I wonder, sometimes, what would have happened if McCain had picked a more viable running mate.

Aaron made some tasty Sweet Potato Fries.. Mmmmmmmm. I'm working on beet pickled eggs. Mmmmmm. I made the beets last night. The beets are red going in, and out. I'm having flashbacks of when I ate the tasty licorice ice cream and found everything green. I also made a chicken. The salmonella bugs are going to get me. I got sick of waiting for the bird to continue cooking once it was about 160F. So far, day 1 of eating, no problems.

I'm going to have a new Dr appointment on Wednesday. I'm hoping she can give me some diet suggestions. I don't know if I wanna try a low carb diet or just a regular diet.

Arm workouts at the gym make me sore. I wonder when I'll try it again.