October 7th, 2008


moving pictures

I hooked up the VCR to the TV in the bedroom. I vacuumed some of the dust that had accumulated. I plugged them both in. I started watching Natural Born Killers, the directors' cut. I think I'm tired of watching now, but it was fun. I've listened to the soundtrack a few more times, so it was nice to put it back together with the movie. I think it's funny that I haven't watched a single video (vhs) since we moved here 3 years ago. Not that I've watched many DVDs. And we haven't gotten the "next generation" of moving pictures in the house.

Taking a vacation to Canada and Vermont this weekend to next week. It'll be fun. Camping a few days, staying in a B&B, and wandering the streets of Montreal. And Niagara Falls! I think Cannuck is going to be too expensive to make phone calls from, so I will probably turn it to airplane mode for the trip. Not sure if I can get wi-fi and airplane mode at the same time. But at $0.79/minute phone calls, I don't think I'm interested in talking to anyone that bad. Don't expect any photo updates, either. (Not that I do that often anyhow).

My cats poo is terribly stinky. And he won't cover it up. If he vomits, he'll happily grab anything nearby to cover it. Poo. Fuggetabout it.

icky dreams

I just had a nightmare. Now I gotta calm down. I guess it wasn't the end of the world. I had a dream that, as a result of my own stupidity, my bike got stolen. I was taking it on the EL, but first I had to talk to someone in one of the SEPTA cubicle things, which happened to be in the middle of the turnstile area. I carried my bike there, then did what I needed to do, then went out and through the other set of turnstiles to catch the train. An officer mentioend that I was stupid for leaving my bike over there. I was just going to go down the stairs, and back up another set to get my bike. I went down the stairs, the train came, so I got on. Then I realized that I had left the bike. I got off on the next stop, and walked across the tracks to the other side to catch the next train (the tracks were at street level and not blocked off). When I got to the other side, my bike was gone. I kept thinking of all the crap on the bike, like the cost of the lights, locks, etc. I think I also thought that I lost, seperately, another bag with my iPhone (which I later realized was in my pocket). But, my tummy is all topsy turvy now. It's almost 6am. I'd like to get back to sleep. I don't usually have weird nightmares. Especially ones that really wake me up and keep me too 'excited' to go to sleep.