October 1st, 2008



I've ripped some CDs lately. Figured, I'd try to update my iPod with the new musics. So, now.. it's "Analyzing 2 of 3904 for Gapless Playback information. It's incredibly slow. At this rate, I doubt it will be done by the morning. I wonder if it's going to add in the new songs.. I think I had to delete all the songs that were "added 1/29" or so since they're on another hard drive and I didn't realize I had to log back into the network for iTunes to sees them. I thought I deleted them forever ago, though. Regardless.. It'll be a mystery how many songs I've got when the thing is done syncing... Hmm.. it seems to have restarted a bit and is now analyzing 26 of 3397 songs.. Well, now it says the sync is complete..

Ack, I've been superpoked!