September 15th, 2008


out and out

Bought two new (well old) Sol Invictus albums today. Sol Veritas Lux and The Devil's Steed. The only album we have so far is In The Rain. So, I wonder how similar these albums will be. I even rode to Digital Ferret for the music. It is Monday, they're open till 10, but South Street Souvlaiki isn't open on Mondays. I debated waiting until tomorrow. I think it was nice, in the end. I need to go out more. I can't think of the last time I went to a club. The Wednesday night thing is really a no-go, but there are other events, on other nights. I feel so asocial living in the suburbs. I also have no idea how to find out what's going on (who's playing, where). I used to know, but I think I found out via osmosis. Now.. it's like a void.

This weekend should be nice. Planning on a hike. So far, the group I'm going with is all women. It's overnight camping (in a campground) one night, then hike the next day. I think it'll be nice. I want to get Marshmallows and Chocolates (we're women!).

Ripping song 5 of 14 of album 2.. then.. I can listen! I want to turn vinyl into mp3s. I have vinyl I wanna listen to, but don't want to scratch it. Suggestions?

P.S. the MS ride is in 2 weeks!!!
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