September 14th, 2008


Organizing and wine

Man, trying to get organized is very time consuming. I spent like $120 at k-mart getting some plastic bins and shelves to organize all the junk I've got. I'm working towards utilizing my desk (the half without the computer). I sorted the big closet, and gave homes to the camping/caving eq. More shelves. I have 2 unused bins in there! I'm not sure what I'll fill them with. I have two empty trunks, too. I have one trunk and 1 large bin that have stuff I've saved over the years. I wonder if I'll ever go through them, or if I'll just keep moving them from apartment to apartment.

I'm also trying to get rid of stuff I don't need, but that may be functional, and worth donating (or trying to sell on craigslist?). Thus far, what I'm willing to part with it pretty insignificant. Landline telephone stuff (I don't foresee buying a landline again). Some textbooks for courses I'm not interested in (like that ethics class). That's about it so far.

I've got two wines in the works, now. I have a Borgon(Something) Rouge that I just started on Thursday. I haven't really been good at keeping the temperatures in range. But, that's a cheap wine that should be ready to drink soon. Less than a month to make, and at least 1 month to age. The Savaignon Cabernet Merlot thing won't be ready for like 6 months, at least.