September 1st, 2008


backpacking training

Had a nice day today. Aaron and I went to Ridley Creek State Park and wandered around the white trail. I carried my backpack with 4 gallons of water. About 3/4+ through the trail, I got us onto the wrong yellow trail. So, we didn't complete the 4 mile white trail, and tacked on a mile or so by going the wrong way. Regardless, it was fun. We got home, and i didn't even take a nap. I really gotta do that kinda thing more often. I'm not sure how good of practice it will be, since this trail only had a few hundred feet of elevation, rather than the 1000+ that I've seen elsewhere, but it worked. Aaron just downloaded a free app onto my iPhone that should track stuff like elevation and speed. He even traveled 0.01 miles while sitting at his computer - I feel quite sure of the program's accuracy.

Now, I need to decide to go running or not.. Running is good for you, but I already hiked 5ish miles with a nearly 40 lb pack. Decisions decisions.