August 31st, 2008



So, I added the poison to my wines. Just the yeastie killers and some stuff to 'clear' it. In 8 days, I should rack it. Pain in the butt, since i don't have a spare 6 gallon carboy. I guess I can rack, and rack again. Very exciting stuff. For the (boring) numbers, my current BRIX is 7, so the new SG is .994. Still not gunna be very alcoholic (11.5%). I think I make weak wines. Using this site:

So, this wine will take forever to age... Like a year. And I've only got 11 bottles and 1/2 gallon of the Shiraz I made.. I am probably due to make a new wine. Something that ages quickly.

Otherwise, today was uneventful. Grocery shopping.