August 10th, 2008


Fwd: Celebrating death

The dinos are gone. So is jerry. They bring us oil and ice cream. August 8th
(sic) is a beautiful day.

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wine and nursing

Started my wine today. It's a Cabernet Savaignion/Merlot. I can't spell. I also don't think I can keep the temperatures low enough. It should be between 65-75, and I think it's at 78 right now. I think I'll buy more icy cubes. The SG was 1.08 (20 brix).

I'm happy I got the letter from Drexel stating that I only needed A&P II (since I took that in Summer I, and only turned that transcript in last week). So, assuming the transcript goes where it needs, it will all be squared away. I start in the Spring. There are sooo many options in nursing. I'm not sure what I'll want to do, but the idea of traveling to foreign countries to provide healthcare (temporarily) sounds like something I'd want to do. I'll look into that later. I'm sure I'll need some experience first.