July 24th, 2008


Ready! Set! Go!

OK.. I printed my boarding pass. Have tomorrow's clothes and coffee ready. I have 2.91oz of 'liquids', in a retarded plastic baggie for the SS. I may have overpacked a shirt or two. Since the airport has decided that baggage is too much to handle, I find paying an additional $25, each way, to be too much. So, I'm all in one bag. Maybe I should bring a purse, too. Can make the one bag easier to deal with. I'm really happy to have the iPhone and iPod, both using the same charger. Sadly, my camera and earpiece don't want to cooperate. But, packing without a laptop is so much easier (my laptop is a tank, especially with power supply). But, life is so much easier. No more packing CDs (before I got MP3 player), tons of cables, tank laptop (after I got one). Two cables (camera and i; can't find earpiece one).

Anyhow.. I think I'm packed. My intentions are to arrive home tomorrow and pick up glasses that may (not) be ready. If I can't leave by 4, no point, since only 1 train/hour runs to the Airport, and I don't trust SEPTA to be on time.

I should shower. Maybe I'll pick up a nursing study guide. I wonder how useful it will be if I'm 8 months from my first class.

YaY! Portland!