July 21st, 2008

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PA Dutch and Drexel

Pictars! I got Pictars! I survived most of the PA Dutch tour. Day one, got to the start site at 7am (instead of 6-6:30 as I would have liked). Left at 7:30. It was hot and muggy. Rode 80 miles. Was beat at the end. Aaron picked me up. We stayed at the Bird in Hand hotel place, and ate at the tasty restaurant. Was fun. The hotel room had a jaccuzi. I spent some time enjoying bubbles. Then, I slept. Then Sunday was more of the same. Lots of hills. I made it to mile 65. Spend most of the morning thinking "why are the cows so smart - they're just sitting in the shade; why am I so stupid, riding my bike in the heat". Felt okay up to about mile 50. By mile 65, I was getting beat. At a rest stop, they anounced "room for one more in the sag bus". I decided to squish in and take the lazy 15 finish miles. Really, I don't mind pooping out. It was seriously hot, and 145 miles including many hills is a hardcore workout, especially considering how little I trained. Maybe next week, the weather will be better, and I'll be able to complete it.

So, one photo I can't grab:

Others, I stole from Action Sports : http://www.imageextreme.com/ without permission (I'm waving in some of them, Yay!):
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In other news!!!
I got my acceptance letter to Drexel. It's pending a required course. I hope it's just the A&P II which I took last semester (since they had to be within 5 years). Otherwise, I hope I can fit anything else in the Fall semester. They have up to 5 weeks to let me know what I'm missing. If all goes well. I'll be a DWAGGIN!!!!! I'm so excited. It's a super great birthday present! Now, to figure out how to pay for it. I wonder if i can sell my soul on Ebay. My gramma worked at Drexel's Hannaman hospital. She was a nurse. I get to follow in her footsteps. =)

dinner at Theresa's

Last night, after the MS ride was over, Aaron and I had dinner at a tasty place in Wayne. Theresa's I think. The food was tasty. The service was lacking (I swear, the waiter was nowhere to be found). There were these screaming children. In both sides of the restaurant. It was like stereo terror. My hopes are that Becki's kids aren't like that (or at least they aren't taken to restaurants while like that). Not sure why I mentioned it, but just feel like some basic stuff I forget to write about.

Still sore from the MS ride. Still excited about Drexel.