July 1st, 2008


apartment search

I want to move. I has 2 kitties. Anyone have any suggestions for looking for apartments (preferably either a house or apartment in a house). The big complexes are okay, I guess, but I'd rather something more homey. I want somewhere close to Rt 1 or 276, and within a few miles (3 or less) of a train station, (pref R5) - ambler, horsham, etc. Looking for apartments is a headache. I should go to sleep. Final grades for summer I aren't up yet. No word from Drexel, yet, either. I guess if that's the most stressful stuff on my mind, I'm doing okay. Not sure why I'm so tired. Kinda wanted to do some laundry or cleaning tonight, but looking for apartments seems to take forever. Even if just looking on the interwebs.