June 23rd, 2008


the end is near

My A&P exam was bumped to Tuesday. I guess that's good, I haven't really studied it. I've just been busy, busy, busy. The class will be over once I turn in my take-home final. I have the wilderness first aid course this weekend. I wonder if I'll do the final before or after that course - it's due next Tuesday. The study guides for Thursday's lab exam aren't up, yet. It's stressful, since none of the dissection labs were very structured, so knowing what we have to know (all of the identification parts) feels like guesswork. I'm sure I can ID all of the organs, but not positive about the blood vessels. I also have a difficult time with the open-ended answers, which most lab exams are. But, that will be done shortly.

Hmm, it's late.. I still need to get the coffee ready for tomorrow. Minutes just keep passing by.