June 19th, 2008


GI diets?

My cell phone's alarm clock didn't make a sound this morning. Very annoying. I did wake up at about 7am on my own, though. I guess I need to buy a real alarm clock as my phone isn't functional. The weird thing is that I am waking up at 7am. I guess because I haven't had a day to sleep in for a while. Each weekend has been busy. I did get a few afternoon naps in.

For a diet plan, I'm thinking of trying the "low GI" style diet things. I'm not sure how effective it will be. I don't really eat the high-GI stuff like bread, potatoes and sugary drinks. I think I should limit my carb intake a bit overall. Right now, carbs have been 46% of my calories in the last 2 months. I guess 1:1:1 should be something I try for? Fats are 1/3, so I need more protein, less carbs. But, really, I probably just need fewer carbs and fats to get in line with my protein. I'm eating 116 g protein on average, when I 'need' about 86g. I could try to eat earlier in the day. I'm not sure how that will affect me having the energy to bike home. I try to finish eating by about 8pm, but I like to have something to eat about an hour before I ride.

This weekend, I go to Great Adventure. Yay!

Still hoping for some donations for the MS ride. I'd rather not have to come up with the whole $250 on my own.